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A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I bring to the table.

Acupuncture - trained in 5 different styles, gentle yet effective needling - Twenty years experience

Doctor of Natural Medicine - homeopathy, naturopathy, biochemical salts, nutrition, Iridology, facial reading

Testing for genetic nutrition, food sensitivities, Gut Well testing, hormonal testing

Nutrition and Supplements - only high quality products recommended

Reiki Master - Since child

Shaman Trained - 5 years as a Shamans' Apprentice

Loves treating families, specialized in treating trauma

Acupuncture Treatments with Dr Sheryl

Acupuncture is only a small part of the treatments with Dr Sheryl.  Knowledgeable in homeopathy, nutrition, supplements and loving to education she is a wealth of knowledge and loves to share this knowledge freely.  


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Initial Consultation with reports

This involves Dr Sheryls sought after intake with pictures and reports.  It involves pictures of the eyes, face, tongue, body.  These pictures are used to create two reports.  These reports will list what the signs are that Dr Sheryl sees and how to help the body heal from these signs. 

Acupuncture Treatments

Funny story about Dr Sheryl - she is actually afraid of needles.  Bonus to this story is she is a very gentle needler.  Dr Sheryl is trained in 5 different styles of acupuncture. 

Initial Acupuncture Consultation

Same as above with no pictures and reports.


A past toastmaster Dr Sheryl loves to educate and entertain.  Her favorite part of most presentations is when she gets participants involved. 


I love treating children and their families.  Nothing is more inspirational.  For those children that do not wish to have needles inserted I use alternative therapies.